This organization is spread in a 50 acres land. It has a big temple of Shri Laxminarayan, Ved Mandir, SLVP School, hostel, well furnished Auditorium & beautiful Garden.


"The aim of education should be to teach the child to think, Not what to think, If the thinking process is right then the outcome will be perfect."

The examination is administrated by the Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE New Delhi. Starting from the tender age of 3 years we offer academic modules from Nursery to the XI grade. The entire course with the exception of languages is taught in English. This gives the base requirement of an advanced standard of English. The academic year will commence in April 2015 and end in March 2016.

The curriculum at the Doon Public school Bhuj is unique in its weave of incentive thinking, multiple-intelligence & differentiated learning. We resolve to take the best practices, from both progressive as well as traditional schools, which follow CBSE curriculum with international dimensions.

Our curriculum is strategically designed to deliver high-grade education to the students of every level. The entire curriculum revolves around holistic development of the students through activity & experience based learning.

School education does not mean enlightening minds but also applying knowledge in creative pursuits. Here, teaching goes beyond the conventional chalk & talk methods and will be made interactive with smart boards. There will not be any rote learning but guidance to enable the pupils to make their own answer. This will nourish the young ones and help them to explore, enhance creativity & identify their potential.

The experience based learning is an effective way to make the students aware of concepts with the help of experience. This leads to boost the self confidence and constructive skill. Moreover, it motivates pupil to take good decision.

The activity based approach covers learning with amusement & enjoyment. It integrates the theories & practices in order to develop extensive skills, such as Analytical, Communication and Scientific skill.

The curriculum covers every important element according to different standards.

Pre-Primary Level

For Pre-primary level, the curriculum is defined to offer responsive, relaxed and caring atmosphere. It is well-structured to support the development of intellectual, physical, emotional, social and creativity. Different types of activities are deployed to promote multifaceted skills that include:

Primary Level (I to V)

At primary level, we have complete student-centric module that works to enhance pupil’s communication, numerical ability, social behavior, thinking capability, environmental knowledge, reading & writing habits and many more. A specially designed digital library, smart classes and computer lab are set up for them, so that they can easily explore their areas of interest. To make learning atmosphere efficacious, we provide suitable framework that lay emphasis on:

Middle & Senior Level (VI to XI)

The middle & senior level’s curriculum is drafted to enrich the student with professional and life skill, including team, time & work management. We strive to make scholars understand extensive and difficult concepts. The integration of global standard with our curriculum provides wide opportunities in different arenas. The students are motivated to be participative multifold activities, covering:

All these activities encourage the zeal of creativity, scientific & social exploration and high-level thinking.