This organization is spread in a 50 acres land. It has a big temple of Shri Laxminarayan, Ved Mandir, SLVP School, hostel, well furnished Auditorium & beautiful Garden.

General performance

English communication Environment in school premises.-->mandatory

Discipline among staff and children

Dress code of teachers: Punjabi suit

Teaching method: Concept-oriented

Time and classroom management

Wearing blazer and ID card

No cross-door talking

No sitting and teaching in the class

Submission of records in time

Performing duties and responsibilities

Maintaining a healthy environment in the staff room

Classroom neatness

Advance leave report (minimum 2days advanced)- Except medical

Assignment class for slow learners

Models and charts (as a teaching aids) utilization/ A.V. rooms utilization

Lab records/ computer class / A.V. room registers

Every Saturday (working ) unit test is compulsory for all the classes

Do not use mobile phones in school premises.

Following and implementation of given instruction